Abbey Prayer Line – Any prayer requests for yourself or others can now be texted (or phoned) to 07401655059. If this is not possible a note can be left in the prayer request box in the foyer.

Abbey Presbyterian – “A house of prayer”

Pray for:

prayerThe needs of Christians throughout the world, our members in need, our church’s growth, our community needs, our missionaries’ needs and other issues of concern throughout the world.

Prayer is the “Power House” of the church. God constantly invites us to join him in prayer.  It is essential that we seek God’s will and blessing in all we plan to do, give thanks to him for all that is achieved and care for one another as Jesus instructed.

Pray for blessings, encouragement and support on our;

Ministers: Rev. Alan Carson and Rev. Alex Boyd (Pastoral Assistant)

Your Kirk Session Elders are:

  • Thelma Coffey (Clerk of Session)
  • Tony Hacking
  • Geoffrey Marks
  • Douglas Ross
  • Maureen Rankin
  • Debbie McKelvey
  • David Murdoch
  • Fiona Cochrane
  • Joanne Stewart
  • John McCracken
  • Jonny Harkness
  • Chin Kwang Lau
  • Anne Greer

Your Church Committee Members are:

  • Rev. Alan Carson (Moderator)
  • Jennifer Ross (Church Secretary)
  • Chin Kwang Lau (Treasurer)
  • Simon Pauley (Property Convenor)
  • Noel Cochrane
  • Hillary Marks
  • Brenda Crawford
  • Billy Kerr
  • Ken Todd
  • Andrew Snoddy
  • Denis Nicholl
  • Jim Murdock
  • Stephen Galloway
  • Susan Hamilton
  • Margaret Hutton
  • Norma McIlveen
  • Alan Thompson
  • Don Hamilton
  • David Stewart

Church Staff

Caretaker:           Cleaner: Brenda McIlwaine

Daily Prayer Guidance

  1. Sunday
  2. Monday
  3. Tuesday
  4. Wednesday
  5. Thursday
  6. Friday
  7. Saturday